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Friday, March 13th, 2009

Yes, that is the question!

Doctors not only are unsure what CFS actually implies, they are also virtually clueless on what causes the condition.

They are even debating what “type” of condition we are talking about: is it genuinely a neuralgic disorder or the effect of an undetectable virus infection, or a degeneration of the central nervous system or maybe a somatic manifestation of a severe depression or maybe not even somatic but just psychic… questions over questions, and no answers to them. It really seems Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of the hardest riddles left in the medical sciences.

But you are not looking for answers to riddles, are you?

You are looking for relief and cure. So what can the clueless doctors do for you?

They usually will do what they can – which is to try everything that could possibly help. As there is no cure in sight, the will try all those therapies that until now have shown a reasonable success rate.

If this does not sound good for you, than something else might: there is no proof that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will reduce your average life expectancy, and in about 30% of treated cases for adults, but more than 80% for children, a significant improvement can be stated.